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Top 10 Funny Swat Acronyms

| Sunday, August 29, 2010
After the Manila Hostage Tragedy, a lot of acrostics for S.W.A.T. came out, well that’s ofcourse it digressed from the original Special Weapon and Tactics.

Here’s my Top 10:

10 – Sh3t Wala Akong Teargas

9 – Stupid Wipe A$$ Team

8 – Stupid Weapons And Tactics

7 – Samahan ng Walang Asensong Tao

6 – Sorry We Aren’t Trained

5 – Sobrang Walang Alam Talaga

4 – Stand and Watch All the Time

3 – Sana ‘Wag Akong Tamaan

2 – Sige! Wait Atras Tayo!

1 – Sharon Wow! Ang Taba!


On a personal note:

I would like to ask for an apology for the people who, are in a way were affected or deeply offended by this post. The joke was meant to crack up and lighten the very serious SWAT issues we had during the last August 23 crisis. The number 1 spot was an obvious digression from the real meaning of SWAT and that has been seen as a basic element of a comedic posts.

I thank all of the readers for their expressions of concern. I sincerely thank you for your time and effort in reading my entries. Enjoy your day... with a smile! :-)