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Top 10 Reasons Why TV is Better than Books

| Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I apologize to my followers for being not able to post my entry yesterday. I was busy studying for my Consti Exam last night. But I still posted it; to see my April 7 entry, click Here.

I think I've got already the hang of writing Top Tens. This is another list. I love TV; I love books. But here's the reason TV scores than books:

10. TV's other name is "boob tube" (it's true, definitely not a joke).

9. Can’t drive and read at the same time.

8. No one ever got a paper cut from watching “24 Oras”.

7. Pacquiao fights.

6. Books written by pasty-skinned geeks; TV full of chesty babes.

5. TVs save trees.

4. Can't watch priceless Wowowee tears on books.

3. Book ask difficult questions, but don’t give away 2 million for right answers.

2. “TV” easier to spell than “book”.

1. Baby James endorsing Manny Villar.


"Today in History"

Birthday of the Buddha: Birth Anniversary. April 8. Among Buddhist holidays, this is the most important as it commemorates the birthday of the BUddha. It is known as the Day of Vesak. The founder of Buddhism had the given name Siddhartha, the family name Gautama and the clan name Shaka. He is commonly called the Buddha, meaning in Sanskrit "the enlightened one." He is htought to have libed in India from c. 563 BC to 483 BC. Because it is often observed on the lunar calendar, this holiday can occur in April or May. It is a holiday in Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

Quote for the Day:

"It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper". - Rod Serling

The “Art” of Judge Abundiente: A One-on-one Interview


JR's Personal Note: This was the article I have written in reference to my interview with the professorial lecturer, Judge Arthur L. Abundiente. I hope my publication of this article will be beneficial most especially to the students of MSU College of Law in Iligan City.


From being a practicing lawyer and a professorial lecturer, the now “Judge” Arthur L. Abundiente, adds his latest appointment as the Presiding Judge for RTC Branch 25 to his long string of stellar achievements.

The Nexus travelled 88 kilometers to sit and chat (over a cup of coffee), with Judge Abundiente in his new office at the Hall of Justice in Cagayan de Oro City. He talks about his life as the Presiding Judge, on his first upcoming book, and on leaving it to the “Fortune-teller”…

Congratulations Sir, now “Judge Abundiente” on your latest feat. So, how did it all start?

Thanks. First, I applied for three RTC branches; Branch 25 and 40 (in Cagayan de Oro) and Branch 4 in Iligan City. I’ve submitted my application on the later part of 2008, then took the screening exam in Davao City. Of all the applicants for the certain branch, only three will make it to the shortlist that would be presented to the President of the Philippines by the Judicial and Bar Council.

JBC called me up and notified me that I was nominated in all three branches where I applied for. Of the three branches, I accepted the nomination for RTC Branch 25. I confirmed the nomination at the Malacanang Palace as such that on November 18 of last year, I was chosen by the President (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) of the three applicants.

I received the information last January 19. I took my oath on January 20 and I reported to my office five days after.

You mentioned that of the twenty applicants for Branch 25, it was shortlisted to only three, what do you think was your edge?

Kay lupig nako sila [chuckles]. I have been a practicing lawyer for more than 10 years; I’ve been a practicing lawyer since 1988. I have appeared at trial courts and even at the Court of Appeals.

So was this really your plan even before?

Yes, definitely. My “original”plan was, before I reach the age of 50 I will be a judge. I believe that at fifty, I am already matured and experienced enough to “decide on the fate of fellow human beings”. But it came a little “earlier than predicted” – I’m currently 49 [grins].

Regarding work ethics, what’s the difference between that of a lawyer and a judge?

Now I say it’s easier. I only appear on trials. Compared to a lawyer, there is a need for a lot of work like preparing cases, etc. but the work that I do now is studying the case, reading the stenographic references and records.

How would a typical office day go?

From my apartment, I wake up early in order to report to my office thirty-minutes before the office hours start. I am always here from seven thirty in the morning up until five in the afternoon. I can breathe easier now and I have free time to spent for a project that I’ve wanted to do a long time ago.

Which is?

I am in the process of finishing my new book entitled, “The Fundamentals of Criminal Law”. Right now, I’ve already finished 80% of Book I and 40% of Book II of the Revised Penal Code.

Wow. The people from College of Law badly want you to answer this next question: Would you stop teaching now at our college given that you’re already occupied as a presiding judge?

No. As I always say, “teaching is my therapy”. Since 1981, I was already teaching. I was given teaching offers here in CDO, like in Liceo (de Cagayan), but I turned them down. I would still teach at MSU College of Law in Iligan but for not more than eight (8) units of law subjects on Saturdays.

You mentioned in our past interviews that you wanted to be a judge because “you’re ready”. Now that you’re a judge, it seemed you were correct with your forecast. So what is next for Judge Abundiente in the near future?

You know I can’t be a judge for 21 more years [chuckles] (because 70 is the retirement age for RTC judges). Next would probably be promoted to the Court of Appeals or even to the Supreme Court. “I can only pray for something else but it’s all up to God. I would just happily leave the fortune-telling to “The Fortune-teller”.

*Interview by 1st Year Law student, JR Lopez-Gonzales, at the office of Judge Arthur L. Abundiente at Hall of Justice, Branch 25 in Cagayan de Oro City last March 18.


Today in History:

Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) Holiday in the Philippines. April 9.

"In line with the elections, I hope that we will be able to vote the people that should really be trusted. We need credible and experienced leaders."

Top 10 Terrible Summer Jobs

I should have written a new post but I got the hang of making Top 10's. So here's another Top 10. It's summer time and you make sure you'll never have the ones as source of extra bucks for the break.

10. Human dummy for Car Crash tests

9. Vetellano Acosta’s Campaign Manager

8. English tutor of Janina San Miguel

7. Shark tonsils inspector

6. Annabelle Rama’s Chaperon

5. Manny Pangilinan’s Speech Writer

4. Rice grain counter at the NFA

3. Contestant at Takeshi’s Castle but with Pigface as the game master.

2. Pitbull tickler

1. Durian catcher


Today in History:
Rwanda: Genocide's Remembrance Day. April 7. National Holiday. Memorial to the massacres of 1994. You may watch, "Hotel Rwanda" as a reference to the horrific event.

"Respeto Kada Tribu" - Haringbuang of the movie, "Paksiw: Ang Banggiitang Irong Buang"

Top 10 Reasons to Vote

| Monday, April 5, 2010
The election fever's getting hotter and hotter each day.
34 days to go, it'll be Election day.
Here's the top 10 reasons why people vote.

10. The chance to differentiate the breathing air inside the precinct and at home.

9. To improve reading skills by reading different names and tongue twisting party lists.

8. Free black nail polish on the right index finger.

7. To be a merciful citizen of this country. The candidates need our votes badly.

6. To have something to do on May 10.

5. Good practice for voting in MYX Music Awards.

4. Free pamphlets.

3. Even though it’s never come close to happening in over 70 years, your one vote could make a difference!

2. So you’ll feel personally accountable when the president you voted for gets hauled off to jail.

1. To have the opportunity of shading the candidates' round eggs.
Translation: Nang magkaroon ng oportunidad na maitiman ang mga bilog na itlog ng mga kandidato.


Today in History:
The First Modern Olympics Anniversary. April 6, 1896.
The first modern Olympics formally opened at Athens, Greece, after a 1,500 year hiatus. When will Filipino Olympians finally bring home the elusive Olympic Gold Medal?

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Top 10 Body Parts or Presidentiables

I love my body parts. I love the presidentiables. My top 10 body parts or presidentiables.

Top 10 Body Parts or Presidentiables

10. Heart

9. Jamby

8. Trachea

7. Nicanor


5. Noynoy

4. Bladder

3. Gibo

2. Spleen

1. Dick


"It's Gloria's birthday today, give her a death wish."

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Top 10 Complaints by Comic Strip Characters

| Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who is JR Lopez Gonzales?

| Saturday, April 3, 2010
Check out

You were born in the late 80’s or in the early 90’s if…

Are you of the same age with JRGon?
You were born in the late 80’s or in the ealy 90’s if…
(A Simple Checklist)

  • You know Cedie, Remi, or Princess Sarah.
  • You know Bioman, Shaider, Mask Rider Black, Ultraman Ace or Kosaidon (Ang Alagad ng Panahon).
  • You love to eat Butchoy, Humpy Dumpy, and Tomi.
  • You know that the Tootsie Roll is very sweet and that “I Won! I Won!” has toys inside.
  • You know the importance of “Time First” (pronounced as, “Taympers”).
  • You know how to play 10-20 and Langit-Lupa.
  • You can sing the universal song, “Uwian na… Uwian Na…”
  • You use to say, “Period. No erase!”
  • You can dance to the tune of Macarena, Boombastic, Always and Dr. Jones.
  • You know that the way to eat the Pritos Ring is to first insert it to all of your fingers before eating.
  • You have a pencil case that has a “second floor”.
  • You believe that Kisses multiply.

Of the twelve in the list, how many checks did you get....oldie?

Where did the Sikhai chant of PolSci come from?

| Friday, April 2, 2010
Political Science Class of 2009 doing the Sikhai Salute at Barangay Santiago.
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