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A Rare Moment in Philippine Elections History: Men Accepting Defeat

| Wednesday, May 12, 2010
The people has spoken. By that, I meant the non-calculating masses have spoken.

Noynoy Aquino got the highest votes for the presidential seat. Despite the complaints currently filed by former President Estrada, it is apparent that Noynoy’s got the sure win with 13 million votes in the lead compared to Estrada’s 8 million-plus votes.

Noynoy Aquino will be our 15th president. That is pretty obvious at this point in time.

After the automated elections, we have just witnessed one rare moment in Philippine election history. Not Noynoy’s installment, but because of the four people showing the exemplary attitude of being able to accept defeat honorably.

What these people have gone through was never easy. Manny Villar, Sen. Richard Gordon, Councilor JC delos Reyes, and Gilberto Teodoro, Jr. braved the months of hard-fought campaign, few hours of sleep, and showing up to different fora and debates in the different islands of the country. Kapoy pud na oi.

But I salute these people. They have showed us that there is nobility in defeat after all. They have left a positive mark for the nation’s present and next generations. Defeat is not easy to accept, but they did it valiantly and they have fought a good fight.

These citizens deserve our adulation for they have even invited the whole nation to unite and work with peace and harmony rather than "the usual" protest and rally. May this be the start of our candidates being statesmen enough to accept the electorate’s will in all succeeding elections.

Let us remember that the May 10 election was the first-time we had the polls automated. Despite the long lines and breaking down of PCOS machines, the results from the Automated Elections came out fast and become more credible. I believe this prodded the candidates to concede early on and not throw claims of cheating. Senator Dick Gordon, if you happen to stumble in this blog, I tell you this: You are also a winner. The automation elections was part of your legacy. ###


To my fellow Filipinos:

It has been a few days after the elections.
Our responsibility does not end today. Even if the majority have elected Noynoy as our president, it is still us, the Filipino people who must make the difference for our country.

This is definitely not just about putting an individual on the pedestal and wait for him to change our poor status quo, Each one of us should do what we ought to do. All hands should be lifting the country up.

Let us pray for our country. Let us pray for our leaders. And let us pray for each other.
May God bless our beloved country.

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