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Elections: 7 Days to Go

| Monday, May 3, 2010
7 days to go before the Elections and what’s the latest buzz?

A few minutes ago, after watching 24 Oras, COMELEC people gave a warning on how people are gonna ruin the elections. The average voting time for this year’s elections would take 5 minutes with the maximum time of 7-8 minutes. Beyond that, say, 10-15 minutes, the voter can be arrested with the instructions coming from the Board of Election Inspector.

According to Jimenez, it will be a strategy of the badpeople to disrupt the elections. They will intentionally cause the delay by staying overtime while voting therefore boring the heck out of everyone on the queue for their turn to vote.

Speaking on the possibility of the election failure, Noynoy said that he will call for a "People Power". Bishop Gaudencio Rosales says that Noynoy's statement is so irresponsible. I definitely agree. (Kahilas lang pud niya oi! Wala pa gani!)

In the other news, Gibo Teodoro was endorsed by Apollo Quiboloy saying that Gibo was chosen by the “Father”. Seeing the spectacle on TV, Gibo was obviously emotional and teary-eyed which led then to JRGon’s speculations. What is on Gibo's mind?

a. "Leading pa rin si Noynoy at nauungusan na ako ng iba. May silbi pa ba itong endorsement na ito? Huhuhu."

b. "Pagod na ako, tapos 9% pa rin sa surveys. Huhuhu."

c. "Bakit si Quiboloy lang ang nag-endorse? Huhuhu."

d. "Totoo ba talagang 6 million ang ka-relihiyon ni Quiboloy? 'Di naman yata kapani-paniwala eh! Huhuhu."

Poll Results

Who would you vote for this coming May 11 Elections?

1. Dick Gordon 41%
2. Gibo Teodoro 25%
3. Manny Villar 16%
4. Nick Perlas and Noynoy Aquino 8%
5. JC Delos Reyes, Erap Estrada, Jamby Madrigal, and Eddie Villanueva 0%


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