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Top 10 Reasons Why TV is Better than Books

| Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I apologize to my followers for being not able to post my entry yesterday. I was busy studying for my Consti Exam last night. But I still posted it; to see my April 7 entry, click Here.

I think I've got already the hang of writing Top Tens. This is another list. I love TV; I love books. But here's the reason TV scores than books:

10. TV's other name is "boob tube" (it's true, definitely not a joke).

9. Can’t drive and read at the same time.

8. No one ever got a paper cut from watching “24 Oras”.

7. Pacquiao fights.

6. Books written by pasty-skinned geeks; TV full of chesty babes.

5. TVs save trees.

4. Can't watch priceless Wowowee tears on books.

3. Book ask difficult questions, but don’t give away 2 million for right answers.

2. “TV” easier to spell than “book”.

1. Baby James endorsing Manny Villar.


"Today in History"

Birthday of the Buddha: Birth Anniversary. April 8. Among Buddhist holidays, this is the most important as it commemorates the birthday of the BUddha. It is known as the Day of Vesak. The founder of Buddhism had the given name Siddhartha, the family name Gautama and the clan name Shaka. He is commonly called the Buddha, meaning in Sanskrit "the enlightened one." He is htought to have libed in India from c. 563 BC to 483 BC. Because it is often observed on the lunar calendar, this holiday can occur in April or May. It is a holiday in Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

Quote for the Day:

"It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper". - Rod Serling

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