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Top 10 Reasons to Vote

| Monday, April 5, 2010
The election fever's getting hotter and hotter each day.
34 days to go, it'll be Election day.
Here's the top 10 reasons why people vote.

10. The chance to differentiate the breathing air inside the precinct and at home.

9. To improve reading skills by reading different names and tongue twisting party lists.

8. Free black nail polish on the right index finger.

7. To be a merciful citizen of this country. The candidates need our votes badly.

6. To have something to do on May 10.

5. Good practice for voting in MYX Music Awards.

4. Free pamphlets.

3. Even though it’s never come close to happening in over 70 years, your one vote could make a difference!

2. So you’ll feel personally accountable when the president you voted for gets hauled off to jail.

1. To have the opportunity of shading the candidates' round eggs.
Translation: Nang magkaroon ng oportunidad na maitiman ang mga bilog na itlog ng mga kandidato.


Today in History:
The First Modern Olympics Anniversary. April 6, 1896.
The first modern Olympics formally opened at Athens, Greece, after a 1,500 year hiatus. When will Filipino Olympians finally bring home the elusive Olympic Gold Medal?

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