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Top 10 Terrible Summer Jobs

| Wednesday, April 7, 2010
I should have written a new post but I got the hang of making Top 10's. So here's another Top 10. It's summer time and you make sure you'll never have the ones as source of extra bucks for the break.

10. Human dummy for Car Crash tests

9. Vetellano Acosta’s Campaign Manager

8. English tutor of Janina San Miguel

7. Shark tonsils inspector

6. Annabelle Rama’s Chaperon

5. Manny Pangilinan’s Speech Writer

4. Rice grain counter at the NFA

3. Contestant at Takeshi’s Castle but with Pigface as the game master.

2. Pitbull tickler

1. Durian catcher


Today in History:
Rwanda: Genocide's Remembrance Day. April 7. National Holiday. Memorial to the massacres of 1994. You may watch, "Hotel Rwanda" as a reference to the horrific event.

"Respeto Kada Tribu" - Haringbuang of the movie, "Paksiw: Ang Banggiitang Irong Buang"

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