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You were born in the late 80’s or in the early 90’s if…

| Saturday, April 3, 2010
Are you of the same age with JRGon?
You were born in the late 80’s or in the ealy 90’s if…
(A Simple Checklist)

  • You know Cedie, Remi, or Princess Sarah.
  • You know Bioman, Shaider, Mask Rider Black, Ultraman Ace or Kosaidon (Ang Alagad ng Panahon).
  • You love to eat Butchoy, Humpy Dumpy, and Tomi.
  • You know that the Tootsie Roll is very sweet and that “I Won! I Won!” has toys inside.
  • You know the importance of “Time First” (pronounced as, “Taympers”).
  • You know how to play 10-20 and Langit-Lupa.
  • You can sing the universal song, “Uwian na… Uwian Na…”
  • You use to say, “Period. No erase!”
  • You can dance to the tune of Macarena, Boombastic, Always and Dr. Jones.
  • You know that the way to eat the Pritos Ring is to first insert it to all of your fingers before eating.
  • You have a pencil case that has a “second floor”.
  • You believe that Kisses multiply.

Of the twelve in the list, how many checks did you get....oldie?

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