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ABS-CBN: Aquino Broadcasted Superbly (with the) Channel Belonging (to) Noynoy

| Thursday, May 6, 2010

ABS-CBN was never fair in treating the presidential candidates on their reports. I am not saying this because the one that I’m campaigning for (which is Senator Richard Gordon), was not given special treatment by the network. I write this article to point out how ABS-CBN was apparently biased on its reports.

Only here in the Philippines do we have a TV network both influential and political at the same time. Loren Legarda, Teddy Locsin, Noli de Castro to name a few, were former journalists-turned-politicians of what network? Dos. They may or may not be good in their own right but what is sure is, the network gave them exposure that they needed in running for a national position. (I intentionally excluded artists from the list).

It’s a no-brainer to determine who ABS-CBN is supporting for the presidency. It’s not Perlas. Definitley not Gordon. Not Villar. Not Madrigal. Not Villanueva. Not Delos Reyes. Not Estrada. Nor Gibo. This made me believe that ABS-CBN really means Aquino Broadcasted Superbly, (with the) Channel Belonging (to) Noynoy.

I remember one time listening to their news feature on a certain Presidential Forum. Isn’t it true that all candidates should have been mentioned and like how the forum went, etc.? I was shocked to see that they only mentioned THREE out of the NINE presidential candidates! They just mentioned Erap, Villar, and their favorite, Noynoy. How biased could that be?

On another instance, I was watching interviews of the presidentiables in YouTube.

You can see Dick Gordon interviewed by Anthony Taberna on Umagang Kay Ganda’s morning segment “Punto-por-Punto” by clicking here.

Well, one can observe that, the questions are discouragingly impertinent. It was a mere 7 minute-plus interview. (Good thing Gordon answers well).

Compare it to the interview of Aquino on the same show. Click here and here.

You will discover that it is a TWO-part interview. Talking about exposure and more air time (10+10= 20 minutes-plus of air time!). You call that fair? True service to the Filipinos, as part of the media, is being non-partisan, being impartial. Aquino Broadcasted Superbly, (with the) Channel Belonging (to) Noynoy is not.

In another note, did you know that the former President Cory publicly apologized to Pres. Erap Estrada on her role in ousting him? If you did not know that, probably you were watching TV Patrol World that time because they did not cover it. For Erap not to gain sympathy and pogi points to the masses. Luckily, it was shown on GMA 7.

It should be noted that during the Holy Week, no one is allowed to do infomercials or campaigning. But what was that three-hour movie shown on ABS-CBN and Studio 23? A Dangerous Life. The story of EDSA People Power which reminds us of whom? Pres. Cory Aquino, the mother of the ABS-CBN’s hero, Noynoy. What was featured in Maala-ala Mo Kaya? Still the Aquinos.

Another proof of the network's partiality? Look at this news piece by ABS-CN News.Com: Click here.

The title of the article is "Villar cuts Noynoy's lead to 11%" but the subtitle, directly below it is: "LP says Aquino's base is solid". More than half of the article talks on the defensive reaction of Noynoy's party (like they’re still going to air infomercials). And oh, would it be nice if there will be comments at all from any of Villar's spokespersons despite the fact that the biggest news about this new survey is “Villar cutting Noynoy's lead”? ABS-CBN is patheticly biased and they are good at it.

Aside from having an overacting younger sister in Channel 2, we should not forget that it was Pres. Cory Aquino who was able to bring the network back on air after being closed down by the dictator Pres. Marcos. That explains why ABS-CBN is obviously tilted to support Aquino’s candidacy.

It is just sad to note that the largest TV Network is so biased in a time where people deserve right information. Mainly the reason Filipinos are drawn to Noynoy is because he is the candidate whose current situation fits perfectly as a protagonist in a tasteless telenovela. His father was helplessly assassinated; his mom who continued “The Fight” recently died and then he got “discernment” from “Bro” to become the savior - thanks to ABS-CBN.

Banking on people’s emotions, good publicity, and biased reporting, I am not surprised that many eyes were blinded by A-Bias-CBN. Mga kababayan, niloloko tayo ng TV oh.

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Lito said...

The day after the election, the statement "Noynoy confident Mar will recover his lead" was plastered continuously on the ABS-CBN wall for more than an hour; nothing on Binay at all. If this is not condition, i don't know what is.

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