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Why I Find Gibo Green: JRGon's View on Gibo

| Friday, May 7, 2010

I’ve found out that many of my friends and colleagues shortlist their top presidentiables into two. If you happen to view poll results in the net, the "thinking" youth and electorate vote for Gordon and Gibo. If you happen to watch presidential debates and fora, you will come up with the conclusion that both these two are articulate, and gives best answers to difficult questions. Both are witty and brilliant.

Gibo has charisma, he's a ‘Mr. Nice Guy”. He is the only one who never slung mud at his opponents. He uses his platform as his campaigning tool, which is great. But his plans for me looks succulent on the outside, but is sure is untested on the inside. With LAKAS KAMPI-CMD on his side, I believe it is not impossible to make attractive platforms anyway.

His slogan is “Galing at Talino” which implies that he’s the only one with “skill and intelligence” among other candidates. I concur with “talino”. A bar top-notcher,  got a master’s degree in Harvard Law School, it proves he is knowledgeable in fields that no ordinary politician will delve into. That’s exactly the reason that made me want to support him at first. Talino, check. Pero ang “galing” ng isang lider, kailangan pang patunayan ‘yan.

I’ve already posted why I chose Dick Gordon (Click here).This entry aims to examine the records and achievements of Gibo Teodoro and hopefully would make you think twice if he deserves your vote.

Let’s look into his achievements for us to assess if he really was a good leader. For three terms, he served in the Congress from 1998 to 2007. I tried to look for his legislations, this is what I found: Granting Provincial Airways Corp. a Franchise Act, Granting Radio Maria Foundation a Franchise Act, Various road conversion laws. As Congressman, he led the move to impeach then Chief Justice Davide which almost led to a constitutional crisis. It is also believed that he was acting in support of his uncle, Danding Cojuangco, who had pending cases with the Supreme Court.

For three-terms what has he accomplished as a congressman of Tarlac province? If the Cojuangcos (yes, I’ve included here my “ever-favorite to diss” Noynoy) actually improved the lives of the people in Tarlac or the Philippines as a whole we would have seen tangible results. But as of right now, I don’t see any improvements. He failed to clean his own backyard. Generations of Cojuangcos have lead the Philippines in one capacity or another, yet nothing has changed in this country. I don’t see pedigree changing the statusquo.

From 2007 to 2009, Gibo was the youngest person to be the Secretary of National Defense.  As the Secretary of the DND, he had direct supervision over the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Under this, he also headed the National Disaster Coordinating Council, the lead agency when it comes to disaster management and relief.

Who would forget the gruesome Maguindanao Massacre last year? A massacre done by people who could have been disarmed by the security forces who was then headed by someone named Gibo Teodoro. Yes, you may say that the Mindanao situation is complicated enough that it cannot be sorted with simple black and white policies but he could have ordered the AFP to dismantle all private armies. Gibo did not.

Typhoon Ondoy and others had caught NDCC unprepared, and the general evaluation was that the NDCC just did not know what to do. In fact, the NDCC had abdicated from its role and instead contented itself spewing statistics. The NDCC, with him on the helm, under could have prepared for disasters by investing in necessary rescue assets. Good thing Senator Gordon, and the Red Cross was there to help people in need.

Even if Gibo says that he’s not the one that should be blamed (yes, some are fortuitous events) but given the following duties, he is accountable for negligence of the said duty to protect people’s lives by taking preemptive measure that would prevent massacres and disasters from happening.

Lastly, his statement that he would NOT actively push for the prosecution of his patron, Gloria Arroyo, is in itself a reason why I am not voting for him. Gibo said in HARAPAN: 2010 that he won’t turn his back on GMA but he won’t let her dictate or affect his decision (kuno). Arroyo should be prosecuted for all the crimes that she committed in all those years she spent as president. And for the dismaying part, Gibo has already exonerated her. With Gibo not going after GMA anomalies, we should expect GMA to still be at Gibo’s shadow. I’ve honestly learned a lot from Gibo, I learned na dapat hindi mapasama sa “masamang barkada” (katulad ng LAKAS KAMPI CMD).

Record-wise, Gibo is no match to Senator Dick Gordon. His very sister-in-law would vote not even vote for him. He has to go out from the shadows of Lakas and has to do a lot to prove that he deserves the presidency. He has a lot of potential, he is still young, and he is still “green”. ###

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Anonymous said...

I have followed debates and fora, admittedly I like Gordon and Gibo in their answers but I found Gibo's plans more doable and straightforward than those of Senator Gordon. You are right, who would forget the gruesome massacre in Maguindanao. While I want to believe that Secretary Teodoro could have disarmed private armies I did consider asking the questions - "why is it that the government allowed private armies, and when does it all started?" How I wish (this must be everybody's wish) that the DND Chief knew ahead of time that a massacre will be committed, he could have stopped it from happening. In the same manner, how I wish that he knew the devastation that Ondoy and Pepeng will bring to the country way ahead of the local chiefs who have the direct responsibility in disaster preparedness operations as mandated by law. However, Secretary Teodoro has no need of any media attention while doing rescue operations during the said typhoons as oppose to others who need media coverage while doing "public service." Lastly, I agree with Mr. Teodoro that it is not the new president's job to prosecute the former president with allegations that could have been proven during his/her incumbency. And I take his word that he will not meddle on the proceeding should there be any case filed against his predecessor. That for me is the true way to economic stability that we all want to achieve in the next six years. Gordon is a good candidate but as for me, Gibo is the best bet in this elections. Unparalleled for his positive campaign and his belief in every Filipino's "galing at talino."

cremebrulee1979 said...

It's ok, but most of your arguments against Teodoro have already been debunked. Try reading

Besides, have you reviewed the TRAITS of your candidate?

We concede in terms of experience he's better, but attitude wise, he's not our preferred candidate. Gordon has a single minded, myopic vision of the country, Gibo's vision is better. Gordon wants to rule with an iron fist, Teodoro wants DEMOCRACY AT IT'S FINEST. Iron fist government maybe your cup of tea, but not mine. I don't want a president with a bad temper, or always insists on his way or the highway.

Maybe you think it's a lousy argument, but CHARACTER makes up for the most percentage of my criteria for president. And if my argument is lousy, the argument Gibo will be GMA puppet or he should join the BANDWAGON of candidates pushing for GMA's prosecution, is worse. There is a reason why Gibo doesn't want to initiate prosecution for GMA, it's BECAUSE it's not THE DUTY OF THE PRESIDENT TO CALL ON GMA'S PROSECUTION, IT'S THE JOB OF THE JUDICIARY, OR ANYONE WHO HAS PROOF OF HER GUILT. Let someone push for prosecution, complete with proof of guilt or association with people who are corrupt, and he won't prevent such push...but HE WON'T BE THE ONE TO DO IT. Again, it's not the job of the president.

A VOTE AGAINST GIBO IS A VOTE IN ANGER AT GMA. This isn't an election of vendetta or anger. It is an election to choose the best candidate for the job.

But it's your decision sir. I used to support Gordon even before he was running for president. I liked his performance as Tourism Secretary, I know his track record is great and all, but again, his TRAITS are not very attractive.

If this were a better world, only Teodoro and Gordon should be allowed to run for president.

JR Gonzales said...

Hello ecokopiera.

Thanks for reading this entry.
I understand you like Gibo but I would like to share my ideas on your comment.
Yes. Gibo's platform is good but Gordon is better. I find his platform and approach intelligently practical. Gordon apparently knows the solutions to basic problems like the decongestion of Manila, develop tourism and agriculture in the South, how to end the insurgencies. And the best thing about Gordon, when he tells us his solutions, we can tell that it's not just about theories. Gordon practically knows because he had been in executive positions before and boy, did he do it well!

Whether or not Gloria's government should have disarmed the armies, some things are certain: Gibo was still accountable for negligence of the said duty to protect people’s lives. You see, His "skill" was not even manifested on how he dealt with the situations I have mentioned above.

Economic Stability caused by not punishing people that are obviously stealing from us taxpayers? I think that's a lousy argument. People should be accountable for the foolishness they're doing or for Gloria's case, for what she has done. If you remember the NBN-ZTE Deal, who pushed for the investigation? It was Senate Blue Ribbon Chair Richard Gordon. It was a long investigation but what happened? Was it ratified? No. Why? Some "administration" people in the Senate did not vote for its ratification. "Administration" people like Gibo then, give us idea what kind of treatment he will give to the president Gloria Arroyo. Utang na loob. You can't destroy someone who helped build you.

Tomorrow’s the election day.
May God bless us and our beloved country.

JR Gonzales said...

Hello cremebrulee1979.
Thanks for reading this entry.

That’s good to know you agree that Richard Gordon is more experienced than Gibo. By saying that strong leadership is my cup of tea implies that you have also read my entry on who I think is the best man for the job. On that article, I was able to point out that what we need at this point of time is a country with the wits of a fox and fierceness of a lion. It’s the very basic political thought of Machiavelli, my friend.

With your statement that it’s the duty of the judiciary to prosecute Arroyo, Gibo is clearly exonerating his patron. Even if he should not be the one initiating the prosecution, given that he is the president, he should encourage this for justice and fairness to be upheld. Sa mata ng batas, hindi pa naman guilty si Gloria eh. When you initiate for an investigation or prosecution for that matter, does not necessary mean that Gloria’s guilty. You see? Gibo, at this very stage obviously would not want to handle things with Gloria on the label. As what I’ve said, he can’t destroy someone who helped in building him.

Over character, my view is that intentions should be given more points. Others say he’s arrogant. I describe him straightforward, honest, frank, and candid. Like a father to his son, he disciplines the latter because he wants to teach something. He wants to guide and tell his son that, “You are lost. Let me show you the way because I know better”. Would you hate your dad for honestly telling you that what you are doing is wrong? If you get used to that kind of discipline, you will discover that Richard Gordon’s intentions are wonderful for the country. True character can be judged when you are able to talk and spend time with someone. Ask some volunteers like in Red Cross or SBMA. I have some friends and they saw Gordon’s warmth and concern. My law prof here, is one.

Tomorrow’s the election day.
May God bless us and our beloved country.

cremebrulee1979 said...

Ah, Machiavelli. Takes me back to my Rizal studies days.

Going to the GMA problem,Teodoro did say that he won't block and discourage any move to sue GMA for any misdeeds during her administration. Does that show weakness towards GMA?

Given that, again, it's not the right focus for a president to devote or expect people to file cases while there are so many more problems that need to be addressed. His stand on this issue is very much clear and for us, shouldn't be a big issue. if you were in Gibo's shoes, what could you have done?

It's a Catch-22.

On character, we don't need a dad for this country. We need a leader...:) I really appreciate my father for instilling in me discipline so that my gov't won't have a hard time with me, I consider my parents did well in instilling in me discipline, and they have done their duty well for this country.

However, we have to know that leadership in families is somewhat different from leadership in gov't. That's where I believe the difference between Gordon and Gibo lie.

Since you liken Gordon to a protective parent, let me say this: You can't run a gov't like a protective parent whose eye is constantly on his children's every move. A family style gov't won't cut it in a republic like ours. It worked in Subic, yes, because it is a small place. But to apply the same idea to 7,000 islands, all with different personalities, ideals, and problems, is a recipe for failure and inviting frustration and disillusionment for Gordon.

Discipline alone won't cut it, sir.

Unfortunately, this issue if discipline is a gov't issue or not is where we will be hopelessly be disagreeing on. It's like debating on how to properly "raise" a child, who happens to be our country. This is what we are at odds with.

I don't think we need someone like Gordon now, we are in dire straits,yes, but practically, I think someone evolved like Gibo is better in this day and age. I want my democracy maintained, and I fear that we will be like Singapore, punishing people for a little things such as not flushing the toilet and chewing gum.

cremebrulee1979 said...


We must know that apart from gov't, there are other groups who share the responsibility of nation building. Gov't holds only a certain aspect of nation building, its responsibilities ends where the family, schools, businesses and churches' responsibilities begin.

I want my gov't to do its job so that other groups can also help in nation building. What is there that the gov't needs to act on so that it can empower families so that families will do their responsibility in disciplining?

A democracy is a shared responsibility. It is admitting that gov't shares the power and responsibilities to the respective sectors.

Pro-Gordon supporters always push discipline, as if it is the government's ultimate responsibility. But it's not. It starts at home. Why is there a lack of discipline nowadays? It's because of parents not having proper time to devote to their children because both needed to work in order for their combined minimum income would feed them. Whose problem is the issue of income and productivity? While businesses carry that responsibility, the burden belongs to the govt's. Gov't need to ensure the setting is right for businesses to be productive and generating income.

Once the gov't addresses those needs alone, it indirectly will address the discipline issue and it won't have to be a gov't issue anymore. Once families are empowered and their burden lifted, they will be able to lead their children effectively. Once they are secure and their salaries are enough, and they can fulfill their parental roles effectively, they can discipline their child properly.

By the way, do you know that Gordon wants to grant amnesty to the Abu Sayyaf? Is he really serious about giving away a Kindle to every student?

I can't make you change your vote, but I surely hope you understand why I prefer Gibo. We are different in ideologies and perception of what gov't is supposed to be. But what we share, is definitely a smarter and more logical way of choosing a candidate.

Hope tomorrow people will make the wise vote.

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