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A Word of Thanks

| Thursday, May 6, 2010
I wanna thank you all for reading my blogs and I hope you find it sensible.
Yesterday, the rank of this very blog you’re reading is 104 in the Political Blogs Category of Philippine Top Blogs.

But obviously, as you can see below, it skyrocketed to rank 61, just after one day. This is due to the multitude of people who viewed and read my articles, most especially the article, “The Best Man for the Job: JRGon’s President is…”.

Thank you so much for your time. I would not want to promise anything but I just want to say that I appreciate your effort in reading, commenting whether here or in Facebook, or even voting for my polls. (Comments in Facebook keep on coming, thanks!)

I am not a paid hack, I don’t earn anything from this blog. Thank you for making me want to blog more and share insightful ideas with you. God bless the Philippines. There is still hope. Kayo ang aking lakas. (Oops, that was Noynoy’s line. Hahaha.)

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