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A Word of Thanks Part II

| Saturday, August 28, 2010
Yes. A Word of Thanks Part II.

Well, this is because I’ve already made another one a few months back. But anyways, I’ve made this second entry to once again thank all of my readers.

I made this blog for my personal enjoyment while at the same time express my rants, my critiques, and my view of the Philippine political scene and the world.

I’ve started posting my entries 4 months ago and I can say I’ve had bunch of positive reactions from my readers. As of this writing, this blog had 1,000+ views from the Philippines just after four months of blogging with only 39 entries.

Thank you for those people who followed this blog; as of this writing there are thirteen; One for NetworkedBlogs and 12 for Google.

Thank you for those people who cited my blog as their reference for their academic papers.

Thank you to Nanardxz, a fellow blogger that included my blog on his Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog.

According to his blog, an “emerging influential blogger” is:
An influential blogger is simply someone who can inspire and motivate others. Someone who can make you reach your goals, someone who can make you pursue the things you want to do, and someone who can keep you moving forward with aplomb and grace of a running deer in the prairie.

Thanks Nanardxz!

Thanks also for the bunch of private message I’ve been receiving from you guys most especially about my posts. Gracias todos!

From the bottom of my heart, a million thanks! I will continue to write what I believe is right.