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Top 10 Everything of 2010

| Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the turn of the New Year, it is but proper to come up with a review of the events that transpired over the past 12 months. Check out my Top 10 hodgepodge events of 2010. 10 – You probably had the Last Song Syndrome with Manny Villar’s TV Ad, “Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?” last May. I believe because of its media overkill, it should have been voted in the Billboard Charts and if be mass-produced, would surely be a radio hit.

9 - Last year’s election brought us the first ever automated election. Smartmatic’s PCOS (Precint Count Optical Scan) is the name; automated election was the game. And did I mention that Joseph Estrada allegedly junked his runningmate, the first black president Jejomar Binay? Photos and TV footage were there to prove it; Erap admitted skipping the VP slot but “returned” and then corrected it.

8 - A pathetic milestone in lawmaking was made by Lito Lapid. His proposed bill: seeking to limit the weight of bags of schoolchildren to three kilos. LOL (for old-timers, this means “Laugh Out Loud”)

7 - The seemingly-never ending debate between the RH bill proponents and the pro-life advocates also made the headlines. The president was warned with excommunication, Carlos Celdran was jailed, and there was a scuffle between the two groups outside the Manila Cathedral. And then suddenly, Report: Pope approves use of condom to prevent diseases”. I can’t help but smile. (Click here, here, and here for my articles about Sex Ed and RH Bill).

6 - Words such as Taamah and major, major were everyone’s catchphrases for the year. Thanks to Maria Venus Raj’s major, major blunder at the Miss Universe Q & A. Taamah!

5 - The Bar blast that injured 44 people also made the headlines which brought us the question of whether to discontinue the long-standing tradition of Bar Exam Salubong or not. Raissa Laurel, the law student who lost her two legs after the blast, is modern-day picture of resiliency and optimism.

4 – In the world of sports, Manny’s eighth world title in eight different divisions made us proud in world sports. His opponent Antonio Margarito looked so awful after the twelve-round pugilism; he had cuts all over his face and a broken facial bone. On the other news, Philippine football team shocked defending champion Vietnam, 2 goals to nil in ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup tournament; finally reaching the semis against the powerhouse Indonesia. Will soccer be our next basketball?

3 - The biggest bonus in the history of Philippine lotto lured thousands of Pinoys to various lottery outlets all over. People from all walks of life flocked to try their luck for the windfall (which is, 1 in 28 million). in the end, the 741.1 million-peso pot money was won by a New York-based balikbayan.

2 - Who would forget the August 23 Manila hostage crisis? Nine innocent tourists were wasted due to a botched attempt of the Manila Police District. I am keeping my mouth shut.

1 – And instead of PNoy’s administration that should be frequently looked into, strange enough, his love life was always brought in the limelight. The bachelor’s affairs were always highlighted whether it’s with Liz Uy, Shalani Soledad, Korina, Barbara Milano, Bernadette Sembrano and 14 others girls. Let’s see who will be the new girls in the stellar president’s love life this year.

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