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A Word of Thanks from JR Lopez Gonzales (Part III)

| Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 has been a fruitful year for this weblog. The blog started in April at the height of the General Elections and never did I imagine that I would still continue to blog up until this point.

With a schedule so jam-packed with studying law, working as a college teacher, being a member of an international organization, and having a very beautiful girlfriend, I am pleased to have sustained my writing passion.

At the turn of this year, this humble blog had already surpassed its 10,000 view-mark. For the past months, this blog never left the 20th Spot in Philippine Top Blogs under the Politics Category. Last year, the blog entry, Supremely Surprising South Cotabato! Won the 1st SCT Blog-Writing: The South Cotabato Experience.

On this third installment of my thanks, shoutouts to the Admin Nanard Navarro of the SCT website. To the judges, Book author Corie Laraya-Coutts, and to the men & women of South Cotabato Tambayan under South Cotabato Gov. Dodo Pingoy, madamo gid nga salamat sa inyo nga pagsalig.

A fellow blogger even included my blog on his Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010! Some entries are also featured in some magazines; I’ve also received messages asking for my permission for my post to be cited in their academic papers. Thank you for not plagiarizing. Lol.

To the politicians, government officials, actors, actresses, musicians, and journalists who, in any way, mentioned on this blog, thank you for your understanding.

To the thousands of readers, visitors, friends and fans (are there?) of this blog in the Philippines and other parts of the globe, thank you for reading and supporting my little space here in the net. Thank you for those enlightening critiques on my critiques, too.

I also would want to dedicate the blog’s achievement to my kababayans in South Cotabato, and in my beloved hometown of Tupi. This is humbly dedicated to my alma mater, my glorious Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology which served as my haven for six years now.

Ultimately, to all the Filipino journalists who, because of their dedication and determination, were able to bring about the news to the public. Even if it means threat to life for the sake of work and social responsibility. Maguindanao Massacre victims, you will never be forgotten.

I may be a college teacher. A law student. Yet my heart will always bleed with ink.

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nanardxz said...

i had a hard time looking for the "POST a Comment" button here, yun pla eh "Mga Puna" heeheeh thanks din sau sir jr, ung zipline ride mu baka makalimutan 2011 na:) BtW, Gov. Pingoy, Jr. is not directly connected with South Cotabato Tambayan, we are thankful that he & the provincial government sponsored our contest's cash prize.. :)

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