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My Top 10 Proposed Philippine TV Shows

| Monday, November 8, 2010

On my last article, I’ve mentioned that 63.5% of Filipino household has TVs; far more than those with PCs. In line with this, the following are my Top 10 proposed TV shows for the new-improved Philippine programming:

10 – Batas Pilipinas: A gameshow that gauges each Filipino’s knowledge of the Revised Penal Code, his or her Rights and Liberties, Civil Code, Tax Law, and the likes. Prizes are not in monetary form but given as major university scholarships to selected beneficiaries.

9 - Jose Rizal Adventures: A cartoon show that features the life of Jose Rizal that features his voyages, learnings, inventions, discoveries, writings and more. Great for kids.

8 – Si Betty at Si Yasmien: A story of the two high school best of friends. Betty is a Christian while Yasmien is a Muslim.The drama highlights how they value each other despite their religious differences plus other teen issues.

7 – Magtrabaho Tayo!: An informative livelihood show that features top Filipino businessmen and how they succeeded on their business endeavors. The show will also provide tips and tutorials on how to do proper commercial activities in the Philippines.

6 – Disip-Lino: A soap opera that features the day-to-day adventures of the fictional character called Lino. He’s a decent, refined and amazingly disciplined ordinary Filipino. But his life will be full of hardships courtesy of his archenemy: Juan Tamad.

5 – Word of the Lourd: Instead of the less than five minute-segment shown on TV5 before the Evening News, I propose that it should be made into a full-blown 30-minute. Lourd de Veyra’s creative commentaries on social issues and politics should be featured in our larger TV networks. Si Lourd na ang bahala.

4 – Pinoy Big Brother: Politicians Edition: A reality TV show that would have national or local politicians as the Big Brother’s housemates. Activities should challenge individual strength, experience, and leadership qualities. Each week, a politician will be evicted. The Big Winner wins the political seat through votes casted from PCOS Machines. Works best for Senators, Governors, Mayors, Congressmen, and ofcourse for the Presidential seat.

3 – FlipTop TV Battles: A rap battle show that features battle MCs that would never diss or insult the other but instead, would praise and acclaim the other rapper. Instead of uttering some degrading words, only positive things should be said of the other. Anygma and other organizers can also make a “Politicians Edition”. Debates in the Congress or the Senate should be off the top with or without the matching hip-hop beats. An important note though: no reading from prepared statements.

2 – Advertisement Buster: A show that reviews and points out TV commercials and their half-truths/lies presented in our TV sets everyday. Just like in Discovery Channel’s MythBuster, Jamie and Adam would try to scientifically debunk the fallacious promises and lies by the commercials that plagued our TV sets.

1 – Politi-Cam: An expose show that stalks and stealthily checks on corrupt politicians through mounted hidden cameras. The cameras should be secretly installed in any politician’s office, city/municipal hall, and the view under his table (To see if the monies really passed under their office tables). Politicians caught doing bad will then be filed with criminal charges and then be dismissed from their offices. The show should be shown on a primetime, complete with reruns, and little updates (like that of the traffic updates on morning shows).

Wanna share your ideas? You also have your proposed TV shows for the Philippines?

Holler back and type down your proposals on the Comment Section located below this post! :-)

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