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Top 10 Steps on How to Make A High-Rating Soap Opera in the Philippines

| Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Emmanuel Lee said...

dami mo kulang pre.. here are some i think are essentials *as far as ive noticed*:

1. in the beginning of the telenovela, there must be a flashback *childhood sweethearts, etc*, where the main characters are still in their childhood including their parents. as you have noticed all telenovela's undergo that part.

2. if the ratings are good, then extend the show further by adding additional stars, killing some or making twists. makes the story far off from the original plot though.

3. announce the coming ending of the telenovela one month ahead. like saying "ang huling tatlong linggo" to boost viewers and increase ad views.

4. Make text promos if the show ratings are bad.


JR Lopez Gonzales said...

Aww. Very true, Eman.
Your 2nd point was a rehash of my number 4; but I've got to definitely agree with your number 3!
Thanks for stressing those out!

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