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The Best Man for the Job: JRGon's President is...

| Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am a small voice but allow me to be heard. I’m imploring you to read the following in the hope that you’ll understand why I think there is a need choose the right president this coming elections. I hope that you will judge on the merits of this article.

We Filipinos, as a nation, lack direction and foresight. We are lost. We, as a people, do not have a clear goal of what to be as a nation in the coming years. Our “bahala na” attitude is a clear manifestation of our carefree predisposition as a people. It is not even surprising that Time Magazine calls us the Asia’s Laggard. Why? Back in the 1960’s we are Asia’s economic giant only shy to Japan. We were the country with the highest literacy rate. Koreans and other neighboring Asian countries are envious of our success. Fifty years after, look at what kind of country we are now. With trillions of dollars as debt to the World Bank, 11% of the population looking for greener pastures abroad, more than half of the 94 million below poverty line, we are clearly lagging behind our Asian counterparts. We once dreamt of becoming a newly-industrialized country by the Year 2000, but up to now, we are still dreaming.

Our government has become a kakistocracy - a government run by the least qualified or most unprincipled. A government ran by the worst of its citizens. Many of us fail to elect the right leaders for the job.

We need strong leaders in order to restore our country. It is not enough to say for a leader that he or she is “for the poor”, what is important is he or she knows what to do to uplift every individual. Like a coach to his players, we need a leader that teaches and corrects us to help us win and succeed. A coach’s words may be harsh, but that is what real love is. That is what real concern and love for country is all about.

Our Asian counterparts have already done it on their own turfs. The late Park Chung Hee has done it in South Korea. Torn after the Korean War, Park has led the country to the industrialized status by 1988. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore led the island nation to economic prosperity in a span of 29 years from 1959 to 1980. Japan on the other hand, was able to rise up and even hosted the 1964 Olympics (19 years after losing in the World War II).

We have few examples of strong leader ship here in the Philippines worthy to be followed. Despite being labeled as “The Punisher” by Time Magazine, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s iron hand in Davao made it, “The most peaceful city in Asia”. (You have to come to Davao to see for yourself because I did). Let us also not forget Mayor Alfredo Lim’s performance in Manila. It is apparent: discipline and political will is not a bad thing – it is timely and critically needed.

My president has a strong leadership. He enforces strong action, because for him it is the real essence of leadership, not a mere title.

My president studied History and Government in College.

My president did great results in an executive office. No other candidates did.

My president was visited by Margaret Thatcher, Dr. Mahatir Mohammad, and U.S. President Bill Clinton came to see the miracle of Subic’s great transformation from a sin city to a model city.

My president generated 200,000 jobs and was able to gather 8,000 volunteers to help rebuild the city after the Americans have left the bases.

My president is not a corrupt leader. His detractors filed 38 cases but all were dismissed; those cases did not even reach the Sandiganbayan.

My president, when he was still the Mayor of Olongapo, never failed to abandon his constituents during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo despite the quake happening every two minutes. He saved 9,000 Aetas and forced them to evacuate the volcano’s perimeter. My President reminds me of New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was there to help after the September 11 bombing.

My president has been a volunteer of the Red Cross for more than 40 years. He was there to help during the Guzman Tech Tragedy in Quiapo (1995), Pagoda Tragedy in Bulacan (1993), Mayon eruption (2009), Cabanatuan City Quake (1990), Typhoon Frank in Iloilo (2008), Release of Abu Sayyaf hostages in March 2000, Glorietta Blast, Typhoon Ondoy, and many more.

My president was able to bring in 6 million tourists to the Philippines despite the Bali bombing, and SARS outbreak. He made us say Wow! Philippines.

My president authored the Tourism Act of 2008, Veterans Equity Bill, and co-authored many more. He was the Chair of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee challenging the infamous ZTE-NBN Deal of the government as well as the Fertilizer Scam.

My president, when he was still a mayor, said on March 1980: “What we need is not just a change of men but a change IN men”.

My president is, like other candidates, a sweet-talker. But has ALREADY delivered what he said. He has already cleaned his own backyard in Olongapo before vying for the Senate, and now, the presidency.

I am campaigning for Senator Richard J. Gordon. I trust him my vote for I believe he can take us where we want to be. We need the one “who can get things done” and has achievements to back up the claims of his capability.

Let us leave the surveys behind, they do nothing but give us preconceived notions of who to vote. Sink or swim, my vote belongs to him for he deserves it. And by the way, did I fail to mention that Dick Gordon is the author of the Automated Elections Law? ###


Finally, I was able to finish this article. Let us vote wisely and may God bless the Philippines! Feel free to comment on this article. Feel free to share this article to others.

We have a new survey, please vote now.

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RoyS said...

salamat pre... let's do more campaigns for Gordon online!

JR Gonzales said...

Hello RoyS.
Thanks for reading my entry.
I campaign for what I believe and trust is right. Mabuhay ka pare.

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